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What is the Founders’ Pledge?

The Founders’ Pledge is a nonbinding commitment that allows company founders, equity holders and early investors to direct a percentage of their equity following a liquidity event or personal windfall to the UC San Diego programs that matter to them. You control the amount, timing and purpose of your gift.

Why should I make the pledge?

When you make the Founders’ Pledge, you are joining with other forward-looking entrepreneurs who have publicly committed to supporting our campus. In addition to launching the next generation of up-and-coming leaders through networking, mentoring and growth opportunities, you build philanthropy into your business from the very beginning, modeling best practices that inspire others to do the same. And you gain access to UC San Diego’s vast entrepreneurial ecosystem, a safe and welcoming community of faculty and program advisers whose partnership can help ensure the sustainability of your business now and long into the future.

Make the Pledge


For more information, please contact:
Kerry McCartney | Senior Executive Director of Development
(858) 246-1805 |